Lawn Mowing Tips


Did you know there is a right and wrong way to mow your lawn? Well, there is! Many people search their landscape in West Palm Beach for weeks looking for the source of their lawn problems. Therefore, many are opting to hire professional landscaping companies. They have the experience and knowledge to easily fix any issue!

Ideal Ways to Mow your Lawn

Alternate the Pattern


When cutting your grass, remembering not to mow in the same way is crucial. Moving in different patterns every time you mow will aid in allowing the grass blades to grow healthier and straighter. Because grass blades often grow in the direction which they were cut, mowing at a different direction allows them to return to your desired position.

Additionally, to guarantee that you don’t grow ruts in your lawn, you can hire a landscape West Palm Beach company and get it right every time!

Never Rush Mowing

Just like anything else, rushing will only make the situation worst if you’re not experienced in handling landscaping equipment. Having a busy day will tempt you to rush through your mowing chores. However, rushing will only leave your grass unevenly cut. Thus, making your lawn look untidy.

Never Cut Wet Grass

Before mowing your lawn, you need to ensure that your grass is not wet. Grass blades often stick together when mowed, creating an uneven cut of the grass. Likewise, the clippings will clog your mower, and then you will only have half of a trimmed lawn.

Never Mow Too Low

According to a landscape expert in West Palm Beach, cutting the grass higher than 1/3 of its height is another mistake every homeowner makes. Most homeowners think that cutting far back will give them less time to mow again. Cutting your grass higher than 1/3 of its height will only leave your lawn susceptible to drought and weeds.


Make Landscape West Palm Beach Easy

To avoid any stress or hassle when it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, contact O'Hara Landscape today! Our lawn mowing experts will guarantee that your lawn is restored or maintained just like what you’ve imagined.

Importance of Tree Trimming


When it comes to cutting landscape materials, strict deadlines can be set and met for the lawn mowing and tree trimming operations. However, while schedules can be set for pruning and trimming of the shrubs, hedges, and ornamentals, completion of these operations must proceed following the requirements of the different plant varieties. Hence, it can be inferred that tree trimming in West Palm Beach is not an easy task. Despite the challenge, it is still essential that you seek professional help to get a beautiful lawn.


What Goes into the Cost of Hiring a Landscaping Company?


Creating a landscape will need much planning. It requires you to invest time in thinking and planning about what you need to for your landscape. Aside from all the thought about the design of your landscape, you also need to consider the budget for your project. This is where landscape companies in West Palm Beach come in. Their top priority is to make things easier for you to achieve your dream landscape or garden. However, you need to be careful about the hidden charges along the process. 


Why Residential Landscape Maintenance is Important


Every homeowner is given the option when it comes to the maintenance of residential landscapes. You can choose essential services such as blowing off any leaves, mowing the lawn, and other simple maintenance services. However, if you want to get quality and excellent service that will give you exceptional results in residential landscape West Palm Beach maintenance, you need to avail of the services of a landscaping maintenance company like O'Hara Landscape.



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