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Boca Raton Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Boca Raton Florida

Litter is removed from the lawns during every mowing operation. Mowing frequency selected by client varies from every week during summer to every two weeks during the dormant season. Mowing height is correct for the turf variety. Mower blades are sharp and level to minimize scalping. High grass is line trimmed (weed eaters) where mowers do not reach to complete every mowing operation. Paved areas and curbs are edged, blown off, and/or vacuumed during every mowing operation. Excess clippings are removed from the lawns.

Trimming bushes and hedges pruning maintenance in Boca Raton Florida

Completed as necessary to maintain proper shape, healthy growth, and optimum bloom. Clean up of trimming debris is completed daily. Tree limbs and sucker shoots are bottom pruned for improved aesthetics, access, and visibility. Tree limbs are pruned away from buildings. Dead and yellowing fronds are removed from the palm trees. Saplings, springerie, and other invasive vegetation are controlled or removed unless their removal endangers adjacent landscaping.

Flower Bed Management Boca Raton Florida

Plant beds are carefully edged by specialists to maintain proper size and good form. We use blades and do not use herbicides to form bed edges. We use a combination of manual (by hand) and chemical (herbicide) methods to effectively control plant bed and pavement weeds.

Lawn Fertilizing Programs Boca Raton Florida

  • We apply premium grade, slow release fertilizers specifically formulated for your lawns, plants, trees, and palms.
  • Lawn fertilizers are applied in a manner that promotes a consistent, green turf.
  • Fertilizer application rates for plants and trees are varied for their age, size, and variety.
  • Paved areas are promptly blown clean during applications.

Integrated Pest and Lawn Weed Management Boca Raton Florida

As your lawn and ornamental management specialists, we are responsible for the coordination of your integrated pest management (IPM) program outdoors. This implies that we will first see to the provision of adequate cultural controls (irrigation, nutrition, and cultivation) to strengthen your landscaping. Then we monitor the planted lawns, ornamental, and trees for insect, arachnid, fungus, and disease related lawn and ornamental pest problems. We will only apply appropriate pesticides as needed.

Pesticides are varied in order to prevent pests from becoming genetically resistant to any one pesticide and to minimize the elimination of natural predator insects, predator arachnids, and animals. Fire ants are routinely baited and otherwise treated as needed to minimize fire ant populations. We apply a blend of selective herbicides to the areas of lawn that are threatened by heavy broadleaf weed infestation.

Irrigation Services by O'Hara Landscape Maintenance in Boca Raton Florida

We inspect all zones under pressure every month to locate problems, cut grass around sprinklers, adjust and reset heads for proper coverage, and adjust timers to seasonal requirements. Any dry areas are prioritized. To minimize damage to the landscape, repairs to distribution components (e.g. sprinklers, zone valves, pipes, risers, couplings, etc.) are deemed urgent and are repaired during inspections.

Problems involving source components of the system (e. g. pumps, suction, check valves, timers, electrical, etc.) are reported promptly and repaired as authorized by Association. We respond to problems reported by Association as soon as possible. Severe problems are prioritized and dealt with immediately.

With every invoice, we submit an irrigation spreadsheet summary of problems, their locations, repairs made, and parts used. Damage caused by our personnel is also reported and repaired at no charge.

Additional Services For Boca Raton Florida

  • Plant and tree removal, replacement, and installation for Boca Raton Florida residential and commercial property.
  • Installation of seasonal annuals for Boca Raton Florida residential and commercial property.
  • Sod replacement and installation for Boca Raton Florida residential and commercial property.
  • Machine grading, lifting, and relocation (up to 5,500 lbs) for Boca Raton Florida residential and commercial property.
  • Application of supplemental nutrients for Boca Raton Florida residential and commercial property.
  • Electronic leak detection for Boca Raton Florida residential and commercial property.
  • Mulching for Boca Raton Florida residential and commercial property.
  • Tractor mowing for Boca Raton Florida residential and commercial property.

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