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    A weed is defined as a plant that is not valued where it is growing, either because it unsightly or it damages desirable plants or both. The Florida Department of Agriculture has stated that herbicide application is the most effective and only practical way to control weeds. Manual weed control (pulling weeds by hand) is much less effective and is highly inefficient. Many weed varieties will regenerate from seeds or fragments of the plants that were not removed with the target plant.

    Furthermore, the countless man hours required to sustain any semblance of manual weed control are economically unfeasible. Herbicides on the other hand effectively eliminate the weed population and prevent new weeds from germinating for months when properly applied. Furthermore, the labor needed to apply herbicides is but a fraction of what is required to pull the same weeds by hand. Some herbicides are "selective" because they can be sprayed over a mixture of targeted (weeds) and non-targeted (desirable) plants without killing the non targeted varieties.


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