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    O'Hara Landscape and Maintenance Inc. has been providing reliable landscape beautification and landscape maintenance services to thousands of residents in HOA communites, community associations, residential homeowner properties, and commercial properties in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Martin County and Broward County Florida. O'Hara Landscape and Maintenance Inc. has been in business since 1973 and has been servicing South Florida communities for over 41 years.

    We are a full service landscape provider for residential landscaping, HOA Community landscape services,  and Community Association landscaping projects and can also offer other services such as tree trimming and shrub maintenance, sprinkler repair and sprinkler maintenance, pest control services, irrigation systems, and many other services for your community, business or residential home. Call us today at 561-655-9011 to schedule an appointment for one of our professional service technicians to visit your location.

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    Infestations continue to expand on the southeast coast of Florida, and have recently been detected on the southwest coast, including the Fort Myers and Naples areas. This destructive pest (Singhiella simplex) has already defoliated thousands of ficus hedges in Florida and ruined the appearance and privacy of countless residential and commercial landscapes. It is very important to take proper precautions from the white fly. By detecting White Fly activity early you can save your hedges and save your self the headache of having to replace all of your hedges.

    If White Fly attacks your properties hedges, you could lose all of your Ficus Hedges in just 1 week with a White Fly Infestation.
    Call us today if you have more questions about the pesky little White Fly or if you would like to begin protecting your property now. Don't wait until it's too late. Inspect all irrigation zones under pressure every month to locate problems, cut grass around irrigation sprinklers, adjust and reset heads for proper coverage, and adjust timers to seasonal irrigation requirements. Any dry areas are prioritized. To minimize damage contact us.

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    O'Hara Landscape & Maintenance Inc. we respond to problems reported by HOA Associations as soon as possible. Severe problems are prioritized and dealt with immediately.

    Professional White Fly Infestation Relief

    Professional White Fly Infestation Services. Maybe your community, business, or home needs our White Fly Infestation Services. Let our white fly professionals handle your whitefly removal needs.

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O'Hara Landscape & Maintenance Inc.

Since 1973, O'Hara Landscape and Maintenance Inc. has been providing reliable landscape beautification to thousands of residents in community associations and commercial properties in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County Florida.

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    The landscape guys came, walked me through what was exactly wrong and explained to me what needed to be done. They were informative and patient with me. I will continue to use this company and look forward to building my dream landscape with them!

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