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  • Lawn maintenance services in West Palm Beach include lawn care and fertilization. Lawn care requires proper weed control, sprinkler repair, lawn spraying, fire ant control, and tree or shrub care. On the other hand, lawn fertilization includes whitefly removal, scheduled visits, pest control, grub treatment, and lawn maintenance.

    Aside from care and fertilization, proper lawn mowing also affects the health and condition of your garden or backyard. Below are the dos and don’ts in lawn mowing you need to know before hiring a maintenance service company or doing the maintenance by yourself.

  • Florida lawn maintenance is very time-consuming and tiresome work. That’s why it’s important that you find a good landscape and maintenance company. In this way, there will be someone else to do the job while you spend your hours taking care of other things. Below are the essential facts you need to know when maintaining a lawn.

  • You spent so much money making your lawn look flawless and then you wake up one day mortified with what you see. The lawn that was once perfect now has unsightly dark and light patches. What went wrong? Truth be told, it takes religious lawn disease care in West Palm Beach to ensure that your lawn will look beautiful all year round.

    Unfortunately, in as much as you’d like to maintain the beauty of your lawn, sometimes, your grass succumbs to lawn fungal diseases. How do you make sure this doesn’t happen again? 

  • Large Scale Mowing

    Hundreds of varieties of plants in the landscaping require just one type of motorized equipment to properly complete the cutting phase of maintenance operations: the gasoline hedge trimmer.  There is one plant variety, however, for which the cutting phase requires the use of at least several types of gas powered machines. That plant variety is your lawn. The most costly, most complicated, and least understood phase of landscape maintenance is lawn mowing. The casual perception by most people is that of a deceptively simple routine. What could be simpler than driving a lawn mower over the lawn? 

    Because they are so costly, mowing operations must be completed as economically (quickly) as possible while assuring that the lawn looks good after the cut. Such timeliness necessitates the use of large machines. Mowing decks (blade boxes) don't bend or change width, so mower sizes must be varied to accommodate smaller to larger spaces and flat to hilly surfaces. It is often necessary to use four different (and expensive) mower types on the same property to properly complete an operation and minimize line trimming (weed eating). Line trimming is a necessary evil because, while the process puts the finishing touches on the mowing operation, the mono filament cutting line slashes the turf instead of cutting it cleanly.

  • Does lawn maintenance in West Palm Beach have to be expensive? Whoever said yes probably didn’t do their research. Lawn maintenance is only expensive if you’re not resourceful. Part of lawn maintenance is ensuring that your lawn is free of pests. 

    These little critters may seem harmless but they are powerful enough to destroy your plants! You must get rid of them before they wreak havoc and ruin your lawn. Keeping your lawns pest-free isn’t expensive at all. The good news is that there are plenty of natural methods to help keep your lawn beautiful, healthy, and pest-free! 


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